Automate ReactJs & SpringBoot CICD Pipelines on AzureDevOps

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In this course, you will learn the process followed by big companies to automatically build and deploy their frontend React Js and backend SpringBoot application on Azure cloud using AzureDevOps. You will be learning all these by creating these pipelines yourself.

You will also learn how does the software gets developed on one environment, tested on another, accepted on another, and deployed on Production for actual customer use, how does the application code quality and pull request process works.

The best part is you do not need to know anything about React or SpringBoot, everything will be covered from scratch in a step-by-step approach.

Following are the topics you will learn in this course

1. What is On-Premise Infrastructure

2. What is Public cloud

3. Why do we need public cloud

4. Different types of cloud service providers in the market

5. Different cloud models like IaaS, PaaS, SaaS

6. Analogy with real-world example

7. Different types of Azure cloud services

8. How to create a free Azure portal account

9. Various services on Azure portal

10. Azure cloud concepts like Subscription, Resource group, Virtual machines, App service, Storage account, Databases, and much more.

11. Setting up Azure DevOps organization, projects

12. Overview of different components of AzureDevOps dashboard

13. Creating an azure App Service and using it

14. Creating Azure MySQL and using it

15. Monitoring and Log debugging using Application Insight

16. Continuous Integration pipeline with AzureDevOps

17. Continuous Deployment pipeline with AzureDevOps

18. Different Git commands

19. Testing the application end to end

20. How to request access to use pipelines using free account

21. DTAP way of build and deployment

22. Pull request process and code deployment to production

23. Code quality checks using SonarQube

24. Configure custom to domain to Azure App Service

25. You will get the source code for React and SpringBoot applications.

26. You will learn to see the code quality using SonarQube and fix the issues

27. You will learn to delete all the Azure resources to avoid cost

28. You will learn to use Azure cost calculator to calculate the estimated cost for your infrastructure

29. You do not have to have any prior knowledge of any of these topics

30. And much more…

What Will I Learn?

  • You will learn everything about public cloud services
  • You will create and use most popular Azure cloud services
  • You will learn the industry standard way of building and deploying software using CICD pipelines of your DTAP environment on Azure DevOps
  • You will build and deploy ReactJs and SpringBoot app on Azure cloud in an automated process
  • You will learn to debug, troubleshoot and monitor your application in real time
  • You will learn to see the code quality using SonarQube and fix the issues

Topics for this course

46 Lessons05h 30m

Section 1: All about public cloud

Lecture 1: Course Introduction00:1:32
Lecture 2: What-Why-Cloud-OnPremise-Infrastructure00:8:20
Lecture 3: Public-Cloud-And-Cloud-Providers00:13:25
Lecture 4: Cloud-Models-IaaS-PaaS-SaaS00:11:55
Lecture 5: Azure-Cloud-Services-Overview00:11:08
Lecture 6: Azure-DevOps-Overview00:3:54

Section 2: Azure Portal and Azure DevOps

Section 3: ReactJs Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment on Azure

Section 4: Springboot Continuous Integration on Azure

Section 5: Springboot Continuous Deployment on Azure

Section 6: Dev-Test-Acceptance-Production: Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment

Section 7: Source code



  • Interest to learn the continuous integration and continuous deployment process
  • Interest to learn about Azure cloud and Azure DevOps

Target Audience

  • Anyone who wants to learn the industry way of building and deploying software to production in a controlled automated way.
  • Anyone who wants to learn the CICD, DevOps way of working using the most popular cloud service i.e Azure
  • Anyone who wants to learn the industry standard way of code quality checks, pull request process and deployment to production